Colour Me Happy: Why Celebrities Are Opting For Coloured Diamonds

Colour Me Happy: Why Celebrities Are Opting For Coloured Diamonds


White diamonds no-longer provide enough bling for many tall profile celebs and activity magnets. These days the luxury treasure device at the best of most stars Christmas brochure is a coloured diamond The Diamond Store explains

Colour Me Happy: Why Celebrities Are Opting For Coloured Diamonds

Colour Me Happy: Why Celebrities Are Opting For Coloured Diamonds

Whensex sirenMarilyn Monroe famously wobbled thatDiamondsAre a Girls Best Friend, she was seen as the mountain of glamour as shecavorted aroundinhead-to-toecrisp, white diamond jewellery.Had Miss Monroe been alive today however, she may posses been sporting an altogether different look. Once considered the ultimate cipher of luxury, the now regular, white diamond isbeing pushed gently to one bunch by celebrities and millionaires corresponding in favour of its racier, and altogether rarer, cousins

Coloured diamonds are becoming increasingly en vogue not only because of their breath-taking prettiness but because their raritymakes forsound budgetary investment. Having increased in value by an astonishing 300 per cent over the last couple of years, the jet coagulate are clambering over each more to snap up each new mountain asit comes out The trend was initially started by Jennifer Lopez and her $1 million dollar pinkdiamond assignment ring, given to her by then girlfriend Ben Afleck. Since that thrust point everyone from Kate Moss to Beyonce has been keen to obtain in on the motion

Gary Ingram, Managing Director of The Diamond Store, the UKs largest independent online jewellers, said: “These are kin for whom financial is not an offspring They keep everything they could feasibly privation so what theyre looking for is object they recognize not many others haveOwning a yoke of diamond omit earringsor an paradise circle made with coloured diamonds makes them caress exclusive.”

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To highlight logical how exclusive these diamonds area, only 1 per cent of diamonds mined byThe Argyle Mine in Western Australian, where 90 per cent of the worlds pink diamonds, are pink or greenIn total, only 1 out of every 10,000 carats of diamonds mined worldwide every year are coloured, thats reasonable 0001 per cent of the overall amount, so its possible to see why they own become so valuable.

Each crimson is created as a result of a different, naturallyoccurring process.An excess of a particular gas is usually found such as nitrogen in yellow diamonds, boron in blue, manganese in pink and red and carbon in black, while fresh diamonds are impression to be caused by an exposure tonaturally donate radioactive elements such as uranium Reddiamonds arethe rarest of all, withonly20 known examples in existence,and as such are virtually priceless, while brown, grey and ominous are the most ordinary

Ingram said: For those without a superstars salary, there are artificially created coloured diamonds Alternativelygemstone jewellerymakes a mammoth option and has the added bonus of being symbolic as birthstones