Many Car models are equipped with the OnStar pilotage system


I suspect that the headlights water, light, Redu surpass to cracks. 4S shop for a ring, and drive it home, the headlights again into the waters

Many Car models are equipped with the OnStar navigation system

Many Car models are equipped with the OnStar navigation system

Recently, a report information that resonates in the innocent of Audi owners, but they have to reflect, there are headlights of wet in appendage to the Audi Q7, Audi A8, Audi A6 and additional models Owners of a joke, Audi headlights are suffering from tears syndrome “, but waver that this is a hereditary malady Now part of the Audi owners to reflect the occasion are summarized as follows:

Audi A6L2.4 comfortable owners: November 26, 2009 I bought a the Audi A6L2.4 comfortable car the later day on the amend cause headlamp fog, post-test to the 4S shop to replace the headlight globe conviction replacement after the right, the sequential day and began to vapour and gradually increased.

After the Audi A6L2.0T owner: the rectify headlamp water, I agreement the connections of the 4S shop to appraisal to find the remedy light diminish left nook of a collection of crack They vocal the car hit phenomenon soft, horizontal wipe a bit, but infrequently colouring scratches on the bumper, the headlights did not find the impact over the traces My headlights just start to water took photos, photo zoom, found no cracks I distrust that the headlights water, light, Redu vanguard to cracks. 4S shop for a ring, and drive it home, the headlights again into the water, I really do not comprehend how to do .

2010 Audi A6L2.4 owners: The top occasion I found the headlights dampen after washing the car, then found that the correct vanguard lantern haze above condensation drops. To the 4S shop maintenance for the peak time, their attitude is furthermore OK, done after the headlight washer exalt release of impeach for me, and promised to allot me ameliorate the light if after this dispute occurs

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But the succeeding day, I found equitable redress the headlights keep cloud and wet droplets Negotiate again with the 4S shop, their temper is difficult a collection of running back and scatter several times before we can solve

Audi A6 owners: I was in Yunnan, in January 2010 in Kunming, a 4S shop, I bought an Audi 2.0T models A6L, has wanting been a fancy this brand Audi, so we put a 4S shop only Taiwan is now the car However, in about August 2010, this Audi in vanguard of headlights serious water to the 4S shop for repair, they are “the headlights do not burp so there entrust be smog generated” This does not gossip me

Later, at my insistence, 4S shop for a light back cover, but refused to ameliorate the headlight assembly, the impact found that the light irrigate car home Is it to spend supplementary than 40 million to buy the “four ring” car would be mend spent tens of thousands of dollars to buy a mini-car. 4S shop said, these cars headlights is a batch problem, most leave be water, it seems mercedes benz dvd entertainer only themselves to blame decaying luck

The value of millions of luxury car might envy, However, when you really own a million luxury cars, may found that there are ups and downs, like the headlights irrigate torture Audi Q7 owners.

Whether your re-luxury car, can not guarantee its superiority is perfect, it is inevitable to become a “luxury car” The reporters found that the luxury car manufacturers are multinational corporations, so that when the owners to buy a million car “on the rights of manner are often wholly tortuous, the outcome are difficult

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